SpecialTY pharmacy practice

“Serving The Community First”





Join Scott Read Pharmacy in its “Community First” novel approach to medication adherence and medication therapy management. 

Creating a community that is happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise. 

Redefining Pharmacy Services & Saving Lives.

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Expert Team

At Scott Read Pharmacy, we celebrate all identities, including gay, straight, transgender, queer, gender non-conforming, and genderqueer.

Our goal is to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable, respected, and valued, and we’re committed to providing excellent care to everyone.  

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To serve our “Community First,” Scott Read Pharmacy developed services based on the direct medical and pharmacy needs of the community. 

We offer full service insurance management, improved therapeutic adherence, medication therapy management, and more…

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a better way forward

“I decided to open a pharmacy of my own to bring professionalism back to the profession of pharmacy.  Too often the big chains reduce the pharmacy experience to nothing more than fast food; high volume with little time to establish a pharmacist/patient relationship.  Our pharmacy WILL change that, providing detail oriented personalized service while reducing wait time for the patient.  I have worked in retail for over 30 years and I know what the chains can offer:  We will provide more.​”

– Scott Read, President


Improved medical &

pharmacy Adherence

Streamline your health and wellness needs by letting us manage your Medical & Pharmacy Insurance.  We will research your benefits and recommend medical and pharmacy services that will fit any of your healthcare needs. Save time and money with Scott Read Pharmacy.

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medication THERAPY


Get superior health outcomes with our patient oriented and disease state expert pharmacists that will fully utilize their provider relationships to improve your health and wellness. Focus on living your life and let Scott Read Pharmacy serve your medical and pharmacy needs. 

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Starting a new path

Our entire team at Scott Read Pharmacy is dedicated to delivering superior quality service to provide a pharmacy practice that puts this “community first.”

As a patient and disease-state oriented business, Scott Read Pharmacy seeks team members that share the same goals, values, and passion as the community we serve.

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hub & spoke

Want us to book your health and wellness appointments? Call “Scotty” to get VIP scheduling through our preferred providers. 

Our pharmacy and provider relationships is the key to improving medical and pharmacy adherence.

Our hub and spoke model is the cornerstone of the most effective medication therapy management in the industry.

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Our Location

Scott Read Pharmacy is located in the heart of Houston and easily accessible to the community. The location is bordered by popular and historic districts of Houston: Lower Heights, River Oaks, and Montrose Area. 

Stop in today for a free consultation! Let us show you how we can do more for you than anyone else.